Entertainment Software Association
The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) website features annual reports about the entertainment software industry, statistics and whitepapers about the impact of video games on daily life, and support for members facing legal challenges common in the industry, such as intellectual property issues and piracy protection. The ESA also organizes the renown gaming convention, E3.


Anita Borg Institute
The Anita Borg Institute (ABI)
Founded by a computer scientist and later renamed in her honor, The Anita Borg Institute (ABI) has a index of resources for women with an interest in computing careers. There are also resources for employers interested in recruiting a workforce more reflective of the overall population. The ABI also sponsors the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing each year.


Crash Override
Suffering from cyber bullying? Crisis Helpline provides of a Crisis Helpline for those facing online abuse, as well as other resources. As an advocacy group, they also work with survivors, experts, and industry leaders to eliminate online abuse.


A European community focusing on promoting inclusive hiring practices for digital professions. Dedicated to closing the gender gap in digital industries, the community is encouraged to brainstorm ways to introduce young women to technical fields while also providing practical career advice for women already in the industry.


Wikipedia Women in Video Games
This article provides an overview of the history of women and video games, including charts detailing the narrowing ratio of male to female players. Other topics include genre preferences by gender, the historical treatment of female players, and more.


Video Games in the 21st Century: The 2017 Report

Video Games in the 21st Century: The 2017 Report measures the economic contributions made by the U.S. entertainment software industry to the American economy. The 2017 Report updates and expands upon earlier studies that quantified the economic benefits provided by the entertainment software industry to the U.S economy as a whole.


Chicks and Joysticks: An Exploration of Women and Gaming
“Chicks and Joysticks” is a UK white paper examining female consumers and developers of video games. Though the paper is from 2004, it includes useful summaries of the history of game development in the UK, and the role women played in it.


The Gendered Identity of Women in the Games Industry
A UK study from 2013 which examines the possible defeminization of women in the games industry while at work, as an ‘adaptation’ to a highly masculine environment.

Published 2013


Segregation in a Male-Dominated Industry: Women Working in the Computer Games Industry
Focusing on occupational segregation within the games industry, this study also covers similar ground to the “Gendered Identity of Women in the Games Industry” study to demonstrate that an overwhelmingly masculine environment can exist even when the ratio of men to women at a company approaches 1:1.

Published 2011


Career Attitudes of Men and Women Working in the Computer Games Industry

This study examines how career-related attitudes can negatively impact women working in the games industry and potentially discourage women with families from entering or remaining in the industry.
Published 2011



Why Are There So Few Women In Games?
In attempting to figure out why so few women choose to enter the games industry, this 2004 study also provides an overview of the industry and potential solutions to the gender gap.

Published 2004


Why Women Leave Tech: It’s The Culture, Not Because ‘Math Is hard’
Drawing from several hundred interviews of women who left the tech industry, this article demonstrates that workplace culture, not demanding tasks, is what drives capable women away from the workplace.

Published 2014


Why Does John Get The STEM Job Rather Than Jennifer?
The answer, according to this article, is ingrained gender bias. When reviewing identical resumes, STEM professors were more likely to award a job to a candidate with a male name. This article summarizes this study and speculates on the impact gender bias may have on the US economy.

Published 2014


HOWTO Recruit and Retain Women in Tech Workplaces
Targeted toward employers, this guide includes quick tips for getting more female applicants and retaining female employees.


Women In Game Development Forum
An unmoderated listserv run by the International Game Developers Association.


Hire More Women In Tech
This site provides ideas and resources for employers interested in hiring more women, along with research detailing the demonstrable advantages of gender diverse hiring practices.


The Real Reason Women Quit Tech (and How to Address It)
A breakdown of reasons women leave tech jobs, and potential solutions to the problem. Among other issues, this article addresses how the first step to recruiting more diverse employees is to treat existing employees better.

Dames Making Games
A Canadian organization which supports minority and under represented groups involved in game culture. They sponsor game jobs, mentorships, workshops, and other opportunities for social and professional development.


Speak Up and Stay Safe(r): A Guide to Protecting Yourself From Online Harassment
Worried about facing online harassment? This guide offers detailed tips to minimize the impact of digital aggression.


The Elephant In The Valley
Part survey and part storytelling, this ongoing effort uses true tales from women in tech to draw conclusions about the industry. The stories themselves are also available to read, and female tech professionals are invited to contribute their anonymous perspectives to this project.

Career Paths of Women in the German Games Industry
Based on 15 interviews with women in the German game industry, this study reveals what attracts women to industry and what drives them away.

Women and Video Gaming’s Dirty Little Secrets
A talent acquisition manager from EA provides an insider’s perspective on hiring women for the game’s industry.

Published 2013


Women in the Games Industry Share Stories of Improving Diversity
Some women within the game industry provide their cautiously optimistic outlook on the subtly changing landscape within development teams.
Published 2015


Polygamer #16: Fiona Cherbak On Hiring and Retaining Women, GDC & BostonFIG
Industry veteran Fiona Cherback shares ideas for improving hiring practices and fostering a female-friendly workplace environment.
Published 2015


Blockbuster Game Publishers Describe Harassment Polices in the Modern Era of Hate
Coverage of a talk at the Games Developers Conference which covers ways various developers deal with modern abuse.

Published 2015


Video: How to Hire and Retain More Women in the Games Industry
If just a summary isn’t enough, watch the full talk from the Game Developers Conference here.

Published 2015



An interview with game industry recruiter Fiona Cherbak which touches on several aspects of the industry, including gender diversity and ageism.
Published 2005

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