The GameMentorOnline program connects experienced female video game professionals with their aspiring counterparts looking to learn from the masters. The 6-month program has the goal of creating relationships that lead to forever friendship bonds, immense knowledge and understanding, and incredible personal discovery and revelation. Throughout the program, mentors and proteges have weekly meetings (calls, in-person, or other communications) to discuss and plan assignments or small goals to accomplish that will lead to the completion of a bigger, more substantial goal agreed upon by the team. The symbiotic relationship of mentor/protege is meant to further careers, facilitate knowledge sharing, and grow professional networks.
The mentoring page of GameMentorOnline is a way to connect mentors with proteges, share curriculums and goals with other aspiring mentors, and contribute to the learning and mentoring process.  Get involved by clicking here to go to our GameMentorOnline portal. Once you’re in the WIGI GameMentorOnline portal, sign in as a Mentor or Protege and follow the instructions to connect with a mentoring partner.


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