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Women in Games International was launched in 2005 and has since become the premier diversity professional organization in the video game industry.

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The core mission of WIGI is to promote game industry professional advancement of gender-equality supporters, male and female, through job opportunities, networking events, education and other career services and resources.

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Since its inception, all WIGI events and programs have been open to everyone and we believe that careers are built by collaborating with others in the game and tech fields by working together to get jobs and advance.

Become a local WIGI Chapter Lead and foster growth for women in games in your area. Join WIGI and support the movement!


There are other organizations that are interested in diversity in games, and other organizations interested in jobs for women in tech. However, WIGI is the only organization with a main focus on jobs for women in the video game industry. This focus allows us to provide events, products and services that are more effective and more efficient.

WIGI members are recruited by our network of employers committed to diversity, employee growth and women’s leadership. Join now! 


We help you build your career, stay on top of new tech and be a part of the women in games community.

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Members are eligible for members-only discounts for hardware, software and events. Contact us at to get your company, conference or event involved in our members-only discount program.

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