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WIGI members come from every part of the video game industry—from production to legal, marketing to distribution. Their careers span decades, from the 1970s early days of arcade games to today’s digital marketplace. Learn about and get involved with the WIGI community by participating in the Member Spotlight program! Contact us at and tell us your game industry career story!

Q&A with Careen Yapp—Member Spotlight

by Raquel Hayner
“Nothing is impossible and everything can be done in the end.”

Careen Yapp is currently the Managing Director at Games and Entertainment Management Group, LLC, a company that provides business development and licensing consulting services in both the interactive and entertainment industries. In the past she has worked for prominent game companies such as Gaikai, Konami, D3Publisher of America, and THQ. She has been a speaker, moderator and panelist at various universities and conferences, including the Game Developers Conference Europe and GamesCom.

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